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Getting the cruise further prepared...

05.04.11, 09:29 (comments: 0)

We have made another huge step towards the cruise. The container with 6.5 tons of equipment is on the way to Las Palmas, the starting point of our cruise. Any idea what the picture shows? Here I give you a small hint; this device is used by the customs, to ensure all things are safe and nothing is taken out or put into the container. In 9 days, in the early hours of the 13th April all of us, 22 scientists, technicians and students, will be flying to Las Palmas to embark the ship. You may ask yourself, what I’m going to do until next week. Well, all of us are quite busy with all kinds of things e.g. finishing laboratory work, submitting papers and giving instructions to the students staying behind, and doing some administrative duties. It is the normal daily work of a scientist. It will be quiet in the blog until 13th April; from that day on I will report about our work on board of Maria S Merian on a regular basis. By the way the picture shows a seal used by the customs to close the container.

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