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14.04.11, 10:05 (comments: 0)

Unexpected situation

Today, early morning we were all pick up by a shuttle and brought to the Hamburg airport. We took the flight at 11 am to Las Palmas, leaving behind nasty, wet and windy April weather in Germany. On arrival in Las Palmas sunshine was the first to welcome us to the island, followed by the ship agent, who took all of us to the hotel. Unfortunately there is a huge question mark behind the scheduled start of the cruise, so the spirit was a bit embittered. Why? Well, sometimes despite good preparation and thorough planning, things go wrong, and we are not able to control and influence them. Few days ago I was notified by the master that the ship has to go to the yard for reparation and our cruise will be delayed by some time. Right now we have already two more days in Las Palmas and are expecting to embark Maria S. Merian on 16.04. I really hope this will be the case. We had a free afternoon and evening today, so many of us went for walk on the beach, around Las Palmas city and had an excellent sea food dinner in one of the restaurants at the sea side. For most of us the new situation brings few relaxing days in the sun of Las Palmas and I will try in the meantime to find out what changes this means to our cruise.

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