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14.03.11, 15:16 (comments: 0)

Comment: "So much paperwork! Incredible! Do you have colleagues to help you? What happens if someone of you gets ill? Is there a doctor on board?"


Yes, you are right it is quite a lot of paperwork, and some of it is still to come.  Preparation for a cruise is always done by a team. The cruise leader (so called chief scientist) however is responsible for all it, he/she is overlooking and coordinating the preparations. The chief scientist is also taking care of the communication with the ship prior to the cruise, if any questions come up regarding the technical equipment on the ship and with the agency handling the ship in the ports.

During the cruise he is than overlooking the science and setting up the working program, day by day or in some cases event by event. The cruise participants on the other site are responsible for packing their equipment, preparing packing list etc. In the end all come together to pack the container, and after the customs sealed it the container is send off.

Getting sick just few days before the cruise is causing always problems, then depending on the illness it has to be decided, if the person is able to participate or not, and if someone else is able to join in. This time because of the necessary visa’s this would means, we are starting with one person less. Let’s hope this will be not the case.  By the way, we always ask all participants to visit a doctor prior to the cruise, especially dentist, just to avoid problems while on board.

On our cruise will be a medical doctor this time, so if someone gets sick on board (also sea sick) the person can get immediately help. I certainly hope that we will only see the doctor during meal times and social events while on the ship, and we will not need his help at any time. Let´s keep our fingers crossed that everything works fine. 


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